Ecotierra Organic Premium Sesame Oil

Ecotierra Organic Premium Sesame OilEcotierra Organic Premium Sesame OilEcotierra Organic Premium Sesame Oil

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Ecotierra Organic Premium Sesame Oil is 100% organic and USDA certified. It is produced by diligent farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico who are practicing sustainable farming and Fair Trade. 
Because of its health benefits and delicious flavor, it is considered a pantry staple in many parts of the world especially in many Asian countries. 

Ecotierra Organic Premium Sesame Oil has a gorgeous caramel hue with a rich nutty flavor and aroma. Add a drizzle of sesame oil and enjoy the deep nutty aroma. It is often used for marinades, sauces, or simply as a finishing oil. Perfect for making vinaigrettes! 

Each batch of Ecotierra Organic Sesame Oil is carefully controlled for quality and consistency. Because of its artisanal nature, some variations in taste and aroma may occur. 
You may see sediments at the bottom. It's perfectly okay! It is the fine residue of sesame due to the expeller pressed and unrefined process. Ecotierra always holds the highest standards of production to provide consumers only the best. 


Ecotierra has made it their mission to protect the environment and provide healthy high quality products. Their products are 100% organic, which means that by purchasing this product you are contributing to your health and our world.

100% Unrefined Organic Sesame Oil

Keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

Bottles will come individually packaged in recyclable boxes. Perfect for gifting!  On orders of 7 or more, bottles come in a dozen bulk box. Gift boxes are provided upon request. Please leave a note how many boxes you need when checking out. 

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